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If you’re searching for a commercial roofing company to help you with your roofing needs, SPG Roofing & Exteriors is prepared to partner with you. We can provide you with all the roofing services you need, from installation to maintenance and repairs.

Free Inspections From SPG Roofing & Exteriors!

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Free Inspections From SPG Roofing & Exteriors!

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We understand that finding a roofing company as a property owner can be difficult because we’ve been in your shoes. We wanted to be the solution to property owners who have been taken advantage of. We aren’t just out to sell you a roof; we want you to be confident in choosing a roofing company. 

From our initial touchless inspection to our consistent communication, we can provide commercial roof installation services that can leave you with peace of mind and satisfaction with a job well done. SPG Roofing & Exteriors is the roofer that will go above and beyond for you to ease any anxiety surrounding your roof.

Roofing Solutions for Your Commercial Roof


As a professional roofing company, we know that even the most perfect roofing material can fall short if not installed correctly. That’s why SPG Roofing & Exteriors can offer roofing solutions for your commercial roof. We can offer an exceptional experience while installing your roof, from our expert technicians to our equipment and tools.

Once we’ve completed our complimentary touchless inspection, we will work with you to find the perfect roofing material and build the perfect installation and maintenance plan. We know that a major part of the installation process is the continual proper maintenance after the initial installation. 

We’ll be there to guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Serving the greater Indianapolis area, SPG Roofing & Exteriors is a roofing contractor that you can put your trust in. We promise to deliver professionalism and expert installation so that you can be confident in the integrity of your roof and the finished project.   

Types of Commercial Roofing

There are many different types of commercial roofing to choose from. They are sometimes described by the type of roof; others are described by installation technique and the material being used. 

Flat roofs refer to the type of roof on the building. Flat roofs are flat and are commonly used for commercial buildings. This type of roof has lower repair and installation costs, is versatile and energy-efficient. Flat roofs can help keep utility costs manageable during the warmer months but can sometimes cause issues during the cold months. Certain material options are a better flat roof option than others. Our experts can help determine the best roofing material for your commercial property.

PVC roofing is a certain material made from a high-performance plastic known as polyvinyl chloride. PVC roofing is a good option for larger commercial properties. The PVC sheets are welded together, resulting in a durable and impermeable membrane to moisture. In addition, PVC has good reflective qualities because it is naturally white.

TPO, which stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, is a type of roofing material installed by fusing the seams using heat or mechanical fasteners. This single-membrane roofing system has reflective properties that can help reduce the cost of air conditioning in the warmer Midwest months.  

EPDM, ethylene propylene diene monomer, roof membrane is long-lasting, versatile, and relatively easy to maintain. This type of roofing is sometimes called rubber roofing and is made from a single-ply rubber material. EPDM is UV light resistant and reflective, reducing expenses during warmer months. EPDM roofs are also solvent, alcohol, and acid resistant and can be installed on low-slope or flat roofs.

Metal coated roofs offer an energy-efficient and low-maintenance roofing option. They’re a popular commercial roofing material due to their durability and fire resistance. In addition to being attractive, they typically have layers that help prevent rust and damage from environmental exposure.

Asphalt roof coating is also a popular commercial roof material, commonly used for sloped properties. Aside from being one of the most affordable options, it also offers protection from the weather. There are also several styles and colors property owners can choose from.


Choosing the Right Roof

Many factors go into choosing the right commercial roof for your property. At SPG Roofing & Exteriors, we will work with you to ensure you get the right roof for you. Our commercial roof installation services will ensure that the roof was installed correctly to have total confidence in your roof after the job is done.

When choosing a commercial roof, the first thing to consider is the current state of the existing roof, if they’re already in one. Certain structures, such as vents and AC units, affect the installation and plan for maintenance for the different types of roofing options. Our experts start with a touchless inspection to determine the type of roof, installation, and maintenance that can work best for you.


The surrounding climate is also a factor to consider when choosing a roof. The Midwest winters can be brutal, and summers can be scalding. Certain materials may be a better option than others. Our experts will consider the weather and inform you of the roofing types that may work better in Central Indiana. We want you to be confident and make a fully informed and knowledgeable decision.

Your budget is another factor to consider. While the budget may be a driving force for your commercial roofing type, we want you to remember that your roof is an investment, and we’ll only install a roof that we know will serve you well. Our team at SPG Roofing & Exteriors will answer any questions you may have about pricing so that you’re never left in the dark. 

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