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When you need roofing services anywhere in Indiana, SPG Roofing and Restoration can help! We proudly serve these areas, and more: 

Know the Condition of Your Roof 

We start with a free touchless drone roof inspection, so we can get a clear view of your roof and make an accurate assessment of any damage needing repairs. We document our findings and provide an estimate, education, and a detailed plan for repairs or replacement. SPG Roofing will design and expertly install your roof to form a barrier against the elements.

The process of having work done on your roof can be daunting. Working with a contractor who withholds knowledge or pushes you to pay for more than you really need adds to the frustration. Nobody wants to be left in the dark. It’s important to understand what’s happening with your roof, so we keep you informed at every step along the way.

Indiana Residential Roofing  

You work hard for your home, and our team of roofing experts will too. After we complete our free, no-obligation touchless inspection, we will discuss the results with you, show you any areas of concern, and make sure you understand our findings. If your roof needs work, we are here to help. Our roofing services include:

a home in Indiana with a gray roof.

Commercial Roofing Services in Indiana 

We know how hard it is to run a business. You may not think about your roof until a problem arises. Our team knows how difficult it can be to budget for roof issues. Variables like age or wear and tear determine whether your commercial roof needs repairs, maintenance, or a complete replacement. 

SPG Roofing and Restoration is not just out to sell you a roof. We want to do what is right for you and your roof. We partner with you to discuss your property’s budget, goals, and needs.

Beginning with a complimentary, touchless inspection, we get to know your roof and identify any areas of concern. Our targeted repairs extend your roof’s lifespan, while our replacements can increase your property value and decrease operating costs. The professionals at SPG Roofing can work with you to develop a customized maintenance plan, so your roof is always performing at its peak.

Indiana commercial building with a new roof.

Roofers You Can Count On

Seeing the need for better service led us to open the doors to SPG. We have built a team that is passionate about working for your best interest. The SPG Roofing and Restoration team knows Indiana residents appreciate the rich lifestyle our communities are known for. We support this life by providing you with transparent roofing services and superior customer service. With SPG, you always know where you stand with your roof.

Whether you have a home, a business, or both, we have the knowledge, experience, and determination to give you the roof you deserve. Contact us to schedule a complimentary roof assessment today!

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