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SPG Roofing & Exteriors offers two types of solar solutions to Fishers’ residents and property owners, including those in the Sunblest, Sandstone, and Harrison Green neighborhoods.. These solutions include solar panels and solar roofing. Our team is expertly equipped to handle the installation of either solution on the roof of your home or your commercial building. We are striving to become the top solar solution experts in not only Fishers but the state of Indiana as a whole.

SPG is an end-to-end provider for the sale and installation of solar panels. Our team is trained and certified in solar solutions installation and sale. Our solar solution options include solar panels and Tesla Solar Roofs. We are Tesla’s sole Certified Solar Roof & Powerwall installer in the state of Indiana. There are several factors to consider when deciding whether going solar is the solution for your home or business. SPG is here to help you through every step of the process to make a confident, informed decision.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are the more common solar solution that you tend to see. The panels can absorb the solar radiation from the sun and convert it into electrical energy. The electrical energy can then be used to power homes or businesses.

We offer many solar panel options for installation, including panels from Tesla. SPG Roofing & Exteriors is a Certified Tesla Installer. Tesla panels are durable and low profile, so they don’t take away from the aesthetic of your home or business. They are quiet and efficient, so you don’t need to worry about the conversion disturbing your family or customers.

Powerwall is Tesla’s battery backup system. This system is bundled with many solar panel purchases and allows for solar energy storage. This energy can be used at any time. If you need to power a freezer through the night to keep perishables fresh, or you need to power your home’s air conditioning system during a hot summer night, the Powerwall can support that.

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Tesla’s Solar Roof

A Solar Roof consists of solar shingles or Solar Roof tiles. The entire roof is comprised of smaller solar panels that absorb solar radiation. These solar sheets can overlay existing shingles or can replace them entirely. Just as solar panels do, the solar energy is absorbed and converted to electrical energy, allowing you to power your home or business.

A Solar Roof offers protection from the elements, just as regular roof shingles do. A Solar Roof has a seamless design to keep the building’s natural and simple aesthetic. Like solar panels, a Tesla Solar Roof can harness the energy and store it for later use. The compact battery, Tesla’s Powerwall, can be included in a Tesla Solar Roof purchase bundle.

House on a Hill with Solar Shingles

The Benefits Of Solar In Fishers

The benefits of switching to solar energy are similar for businesses and homes. At the end of the day, the top benefit is saving money. When you switch to a solar solution, such as panels or a Solar Roof, you can save your family or business money on energy. The lower energy bills can then be used to fund other projects.

The ability to harness your energy also means you no longer need to rely on the electricity companies in the Fishers area, including Duke Energy and AES Indiana (formerly known as Indianapolis Power & Light). If Fishers is experiencing a power outage, you won’t have to worry.

Your own harnessed energy can still be used to power the heat in your home during those cold Indiana winters or can be used to keep the freezers on in your commercial building that are necessary for the perishable items you’re storing. The ability to have your energy to use goes beyond daily use.

The resiliency of a Solar Roof offers protection from all-weather, just like any other roofing type would. The weather in Fishers can be brutal throughout the year, but the solar solution you choose doesn’t need to compromise your roof’s integrity.

The state of Indiana additionally offers many financial incentives to push homeowners and business owners of Fishers to go solar. The laws, including net metering and solar easement laws, were put in place to make going solar easier and more beneficial for those in Fishers. The tax benefits, including renewable energy property tax exemption, the Indiana sales tax exemption, and the federal solar tax credit, are also in motion to offer some financial reprieve since solar solutions can be quite the investment.

Solar solutions are beneficial to you, your home, and your business, but they also benefit the environment. The use of solar energy helps to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce fossil fuel dependence. Solar energy also improves public health as a renewable resource, and solar energy solutions offer a clean energy source.

Providing Solar Solutions to The Fishers Area

Whether you wish to lower your energy bills or consider the environmental effects other energy sources have, solar solutions can be an appealing option. SPG Roofing & Exteriors can be your go-to for all solar energy questions regarding their benefits, the installation process, maintenance, and pricing. Our team can guide you through the process, ensuring that you’re making an informed decision.

While seeing a Solar Roof or panels on the roof of a business is less common than on homes, it can be just as beneficial to commercial buildings. While it may seem like a major financial undertaking, the loans for this type of upgrade can be easier to acquire than loans to repair roofs on commercial buildings, and the solar installation often includes new roofing for businesses.

Once you’ve decided that a solar solution for your home or business in Fishers may be a good decision, you can reach out to our team at SPG. Our customer service team can help you in any way they can and will get you in contact with a technician so you can start your journey to clean energy.

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