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SPG Roofing & Exteriors offers residential and commercial property owners in Greenwood, Indiana, two solar solutions: solar roofs and solar panels. Our team can install solar panels on the roof of your home, building, or structure. We aim to be the top solar solution experts in Indiana.

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Our team is certified and fully trained in installing and selling solar panels. SPG Roofing & Exteriors is also a Certified Installer of Tesla Solar Roofs in Indiana. We offer installation and sale of Tesla Solar Roofs in addition to Tesla Powerwall. It can be a difficult decision regarding whether you should switch to solar energy or not, and there are several factors to consider. However, SPG Roofing & Exteriors will be there every step of the way to answer your questions or address your concerns. We want it to be a smooth transition to solar power for your home or business.

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are one of the two solar solutions SPG Roofing & Exteriors can provide you with. Solar panels are more commonly seen, compared to Tesla’s Solar Roofs, as their popularity has skyrocketed. Solar panels are large panels that absorb solar radiation from the sun as sunlight hits them. The panels then convert the radiation from the sun to electrical energy, which is then used to power businesses and homes. Their abilities offer an efficient and quiet way to produce your electrical energy.

If you’re considering the Tesla suite of solar products, Tesla’s Powerwall is the battery backup system that allows the solar energy produced by the panels to be stored to be later used for anything needed. Say there was a power outage in your Wakefield or Brookhaven neighborhood in the middle of a cold winter night. You and your family are stuck in the frigid cold, having to wait for the electricity to come back on. With a Powerwall, you will be able to power not only your heating system but all of your home’s systems so you can keep your family and yourself warm.

The Powerwall is also very useful for businesses that house perishable items, such as meat or fresh produce. If your building needs to be at a constant controlled temperature, the Powerwall can ensure that even during the most destructive of storms that knock the power out everywhere else.

What Is Tesla’s Solar Roof?

Tesla’s Solar Roof’s mechanics are similar to solar panels; however, a Solar Roof is made up of solar shingles or tiles that are not nearly as big as the panels. These solar shingles look like that of a regular roof’s shingles. Each smaller solar shingle absorbs the radiation from the sun then converts it into electrical energy. Solar shingles can be placed right over existing shingles or replace a roof’s shingles entirely.

Solar Roofs offer protection to your home or business’s building just as any other roof would. Solar shingles are durable and offer a seamless design that allows your structure to keep its natural aesthetic.

Why Convert to Solar Energy?

There are many benefits to switching from regular energy to solar energy to power your business or home. Even if you’re unfamiliar with solar energy and its number of benefits, you’ve likely heard about its ability to lower your energy bills. Since you’re producing your energy, you bypass getting energy from another source which allows you to save that money that would’ve been spent on the electricity. You can then save that money or use it to fund other projects for your business or for around the house.

You not only lower your energy bills, but you also become independent from electrical companies. Whether you go through Duke Energy, CenterPoint Energy, or JCREMC, you won’t have to rely on them any longer. You’ll no longer need to pay for these electrical companies nor rely on them to get your power back and running when there’s an outage.

The durability of Solar Roofs is also a benefit. Solar panels are durable, and they even look like they are. However, you may be more skeptical of solar shingles and having an entire roof comprised of these shingles. We all know that the weather in Greenwood can be intense, as the Midwest typically is, so you want to be confident in the roof that is protecting your home or business. A Solar Roof is just as durable as any other roofing, so you won’t have to compromise the integrity of your roof to switch to solar energy.

The financial incentives are a major benefit as well. The state of Indiana offers business owners and homeowners a few different incentives to push them to make the switch to solar energy. There are many laws, including net metering and solar easement laws and tax benefits, including the renewable energy property tax exemption, the Indiana sales tax exemption, and the federal solar tax credit. These incentives are designed to offer some financial reprieve for converting to this renewable resource.

As just mentioned, solar energy is a renewable resource. This means that converting to solar energy not only offers you a number of benefits, but it is also better for the environment, which is a benefit for us all. Solar energy conversion helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces fossil fuel dependency. Solar energy offers a clean energy source that can improve public health.

Is a Solar Solution Right for You?

No matter the reason for switching to solar energy, solar solutions are an appealing option. While you find homes with solar panels and roofs more often than business or office buildings, it is still just as beneficial for commercial property owners. If you’re unsure if you can handle it financially while taking care of your business, the loans for this type of upgrade are typically easier to acquire than many other loans. Whether for your home or business, if you choose to get a solar solution, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Your Trusted Solar Solution Provider

SPG Roofing & Exteriors can offer answers to all your questions and concerns regarding making the switch to solar energy. Whether you’re unsure of the benefits, the installation process, the maintenance, or the pricing, SPG Roofing & Exteriors can provide you with the knowledge you’re seeking. We want you to be confident in your decision to move forward with a solar solution.

Once you’ve determined that a solar solution is the right choice for your home or business, our customer service team will be there to answer your call. Our team will help you in any way necessary during the entire process. We’re looking forward to getting your journey to clean energy started.

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