Hail can occur with any storm that passes the greater Indianapolis area. Hail is drops of precipitation that are hardened, making them very dangerous when they start coming down. At any point when the temperature drops, hail could become an unexpected threat to your home, but most importantly, your roof.

Indiana is susceptible to floods, thunderstorms, snowstorms, tornadoes, and droughts. Each of these is more common during a certain time of year. However, while there is technically a hail season in Indiana, hail can occur all year long. The official Indiana hail season is from April through to August, with May being the peak time for hail to occur. This is why your roof needs to be prepared and strong enough to handle hail anytime the weather is thrown at you.

There have been over 120 reports of hail hitting the ground within the past year in Indianapolis. In 2019, Indiana was ranked in the top 10 states with the highest number of hail insurance loss claims. Roofs are extremely vulnerable to hail damage, and sometimes you may not even realize how damaging it is until it’s too late for just some minor repairs to be done. If you’ve recently experienced hail, you can contact SPG Roofing & Exteriors for all your roofing services and siding hail damage repairs today.