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Hail can occur with any storm that passes the greater Indianapolis area. Hail is drops of precipitation that are hardened, making them very dangerous when they start coming down. At any point when the temperature drops, hail could become an unexpected threat to your home, but most importantly, your roof.

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Indiana is susceptible to floods, thunderstorms, snowstorms, tornadoes, and droughts. Each of these is more common during a certain time of year. However, while there is technically a hail season in Indiana, hail can occur all year long. The official Indiana hail season is from April through to August, with May being the peak time for hail to occur. This is why your roof needs to be prepared and strong enough to handle hail anytime the weather is thrown at you. 

There have been over 120 reports of hail hitting the ground within the past year in Indianapolis. In 2019, Indiana was ranked in the top 10 states with the highest number of hail insurance loss claims. Roofs are extremely vulnerable to hail damage, and sometimes you may not even realize how damaging it is until it’s too late for just some minor repairs to be done. If you’ve recently experienced hail, you can contact SPG Roofing & Exteriors for all your roofing and siding hail damage repairs today.    


When To Contact Us

No matter the damage to your roof from hail, SPG Roofing & Exteriors can repair it, so you should contact us as soon as you see something or after a hailstorm to be safe. If the damage is too severe, we will assess it and provide you with a detailed plan of action. 

If a replacement is needed, we will explain why and never push you to pay for anything you don’t want. We proudly serve communities throughout Indiana, including Plainfield, Greenwood, Fishers, Indianapolis, and many more. 

How Hail Affects Your Roof

At SPG Roofing & Exteriors, we believe you should always know what’s going on with your roof. It’s important to know that hail can affect the different types of roofing materials in different ways. Hail can also cause damage to one part of the roof differently than the damage it can cause on another part of the roof. The following is a breakdown of how hail damages different roofing materials in different ways:


Asphalt Shingles

The most common damage caused by hail is a result of granules being forced into the shingle mat material. The area could become dented or crushed, or the shingles could be displaced altogether. A shingle’s life could be significantly shortened if this were to happen since the granules protect it from UV degradation. Shingles can also have cracked or broken tabs as a result of hail. 


Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are vulnerable to cracking when hit by hail. Parts of the shingles may break loose due to cracking along the grain. The shingle will need to be repaired if there is any sign of splitting or puncturing. 


Slate Roofs

Like wood shingles, the hail can crack the slates on a slate roof. However, this cracking is more random with slate than with wood shingles. Hail can also cause slates to break loose from the fasteners, which can cause the slate to slide off of the roof.

Our Services

We provide commercial and residential roofing services, including roofing and siding hail damage repair. Another roofing service we provide is roof maintenance for commercial and residential properties. Routine maintenance can be the difference between the need for a minor repair and a major repair resulting from hail. Proper maintenance can keep your roof prepared for hail and help prevent major damage when hail hits. 

When choosing us to create a customized maintenance plan, you won’t have to worry about not knowing what is going on with your roof. We can ensure that you’ll always be kept in the loop with everything regarding your roof. We provide superior customer service, always keeping a line of communication open so that you feel comfortable knowing that we’re here for you and your roofing needs.    

Fulfilling Your Hail Damage Repair Needs

We begin the repair process with an obligation-free, complimentary roof inspection that is entirely drone-powered. We send our drone to inspect the roof to ensure that we don’t cause any further damage by stepping on the roof. Once we’ve conducted our inspection, we’ll review the results and share them with you. 

All our findings will be shared with you, and we’ll be here to address any concerns or questions you may have throughout the entire process. Once our expert roofers have determined the best plan of action, we’ll review the plan with you. You will be aware of everything we plan to do and will have control over the plan to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and need from us. Our team is happy to give you the knowledge you need to make the right decision for your roof. 

SPG Roofing & Exteriors operates to bring transparency and honesty to the roofing industry. We are businesses and homeowners ourselves, so we know how nerve-wracking roofing issues can be. We strive to provide the education necessary for you to know your roof and understand when there are areas of concern. 

Our dedicated team of roofing experts is here to provide quality materials, superior repairs, and first-rate workmanship if your roof requires a hail damage repair. Contact us to schedule your complimentary roof assessment to assess hail damage and get your roof in top shape today.    

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