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Technology of Touchless Inspections

As you see your neighbors having their roofs replaced it makes you wonder about your own roof. You could have a leak or hail damage you can’t even see, which could turn into an even larger problem down the line. How can you know if your roof is still doing its job of keeping you safe? Can you find any hidden leaks lurking beneath the surface? Are they already drip drip dripping, ready to cause interior damage to your home? Then you think about having a roofer walking on your roof and wonder if they’ll cause even MORE damage.

In order to calm those anxieties, you need a roofer you can trust to consult with and inspect your roof. One who provides a detailed inspection without causing more damage.

SPG Roofing & Restoration has the technology to inspect your roof. We help you know your roofing options. We offer complimentary, touchless drone inspections of your home. This ensures we are finding all weak points while preventing additional damage.

Benefits of a Touchless Inspection from SPG

  • Our touchless inspections allow us to closely inspect the roofing in a very detailed manner – without causing additional damage to the roof.
  • We thoroughly and efficiently document damage and defects.
  • There is no charge to you to have this increased level of service. It is simply what we believe you deserve.
  • Your roof will start to have a permanent record of its health on file which can be accessed at any time.
  • Communicating with the office and with you has never been so simple! We’re able to be more transparent with you so you are never left in the dark concerning your roof.
  • There is no question on how the damage was caused if insurance is involved.
  • Using drone technology allows us to provide you with a more accurate estimate faster than ever before.

We understand not knowing what’s going on with your roof can be worrying. This is why we strive to ensure a comprehensive damage report using the latest technology and roofing expertise. Contact us to learn more about how we use the latest technology to protect you and your roof while also giving you the information you need to take care of your roof.

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