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SPG Roofing & Exteriors offers two solar solutions for residential and commercial property owners in Indianapolis, IN. The solutions offered include solar panels and Tesla’s suite of Solar Roof and Powerwall products. We are expertly equipped for a solar installation of panels on the roof of your home or your building or structure. Rest assured, the dedicated team at SPG Roofing & Exteriors is here to guide you through the process as you transition to clean, renewable energy for your home or business in neighborhoods like Broad Ripple, Irvington, or Fountain Square.

As an end-to-end provider for the sale and installation of solar panels, our team is fully trained and certified to carry out either service. As a Tesla Certified Solar Roof installer in Indiana, we offer Tesla Solar Roof installation. We also offer Tesla Solar Panel and Powerwall installation. Choosing to take a step toward solar energy can be a hard decision as many different factors to consider. However, our team at SPG Roofing & Exteriors will be here to help you along the way as you convert your home or business’ energy through our solar solution services.

What Are Solar Panels?

You’ve likely seen solar panels on many different roofs as their popularity continues to rise. They are the most common solution for solar energy. The panels absorb the solar radiation that hits them from the sun. This radiation is then converted to electrical energy, which can power homes and businesses. They are efficient and quiet, so you never have to worry about loud and disturbing noises.

We also install Tesla’s Powerwall, their official battery backup system. This system allows the solar energy produced to be stored for later use at any time. If there was a power outage due to a storm in your neighborhood, you could use the energy stored in the Powerwall to power any part or all of your home or business building. This can be especially useful when your business houses perishable items, such as fresh food that needs to be at a controlled temperature at all times.

What Is a Solar Roof?

A Solar Roof comprises solar shingles or solar roof tiles, similar to that of a regular roof. These solar shingles are essentially smaller versions of solar panels. They work the same way panels absorb the sun’s radiation and convert it to electrical energy. Solar shingles can replace a roof’s shingles entirely or overlay existing ones.

A Solar Roof offers protection from the elements, just as a regular roof would do. The solar shingles are durable and offer a seamless design to keep your home or business’ roof looking natural and aesthetically pleasing. The Solar Roof also comes with the compact battery Tesla offers to store the energy for later use.

Why Convert to Solar Energy?

Converting your business or home to solar energy comes with several benefits. The most commonly referenced benefit is the money-saving aspect, including significant savings on energy bills for both homeowners and businesses in neighborhoods like Speedway and Keystone at the Crossing. Since you’re essentially producing your energy, you won’t be paying for energy anymore. These funds that you’re saving can then be used to fund other projects.

The ability to harness your energy not only lowers your energy bills but also keeps you dependent on the electricity companies in the Indianapolis area. You’ll no longer need to wait for the company to get your electricity up and running after an outage or have to call them to see what’s happening when you randomly lose power on a Tuesday night. The independence from electrical companies is a major benefit.

An additional benefit is the resiliency of solar roofs. While panels are durable, you may be more skeptical when your roof is entirely comprised of solar shingles. The weather in Indianapolis can become brutal, with cold and snowy winters to scalding summers; you want to know that your roof can withstand it. Your solar roof can, and the solar solution you choose won’t compromise your roof’s integrity.

There are several financial incentives that the state of Indiana offers to homeowners and business owners in Indianapolis to push them to convert to solar energy. Certain laws, such as net metering and solar easement laws, have been implemented to make solar more beneficial. There have also been tax benefits, including the renewable energy property tax exemption, the Indiana sales tax exemption, and the federal solar tax credit. These benefits offer those who choose to go solar some financial reprieve.

In addition to the number of benefits just mentioned for you and your home or business, converting to solar energy is also better for the environment. Conversion to solar energy helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce fossil fuel dependency. Solar energy offers a clean energy source, and as a renewable resource, its use can improve public health.

Is a Solar Solution Right for You?

Whether you’re considering converting to solar energy for the lower energy bills or many other reasons, solar solutions can be an appealing option. While Solar Roofs or solar panels are less commonly found on the roofs of businesses and other commercial properties; however, the loans for this type of upgrade can be easier to acquire than many other loans.

Choosing SPG Roofing & Exteriors For Your Solar Solutions

SPG Roofing & Exteriors can be your go-to for all solar energy questions, concerns, and services. Whether you have a question about the benefits, the installation process, maintenance, or pricing, SPG Roofing & Exteriors can provide you with the answers to ensure you’re confident in your choice to move forward.

Once you’ve decided a solar solution for your home or business in Indianapolis is something you’d like to move forward with, our customer service team will be there to answer your call. Our team will help you in any way we can to get you started in your journey to clean energy.

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